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AlhamdolelAllah ,with Allah (SWT) Grace & Bounties I made channels on telegram with all benefits in shaa Allah.

➡Dr.Soheir Elbarkooky Site:

🔉The English Channels 📢

🍃القاعدة النورانية 🍃

🍃 Quran Reflection 🍃

🍃Tajweed Rules for New_Muslims🍃

🍃 Proper Call To Allah_Channel:

🍃 @Dr.Barkooky_Proper_Way:

🍃 @Dr.Barkooky_God_The_Exalted

🍃 Book_Of_No_Doubt_DrS.Elbarkooky


🍃Clear Evidence Channel :

🍃International Future Muslim Kids:

🍃The comprehension of Allah Beautiful Names:

🍃 Collective English Channel:



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